the farewell to summer. and Drábek !

the summer came to an end.. you never know the last good day filled with warmth and sun is actually it until it's over and with this day the summer slowly shifted into grey and cloudy days, welcoming fall. I'm glad my last days of summer were spent with this awesome human being. I'm not going to write another touching post today, because this time she did, hah. anyway, I'm so happy we didn't give up on this crazy "long-distance / see you in a few months (hopefully) / hey I will live in Belgium now / write one letter a year" friendship. go check out her (freaking awesome) pictures too because she makes me look good in them haha.

"I am not so good at writing touching comments as this girl is, but still, I intend to try.Over the past three years of studying abroad, I left behind dozens of friends, a lot of people sort of forgot about me, and sometimes it happened mutually.I made new friends, and moved again. And again.When you are traveling, you meet a lot of temporary people.And there are only few ones that really stay, I mean, stay in the way you find yourself talking to them in your head.The people you usually never expected to make themselves such a steady place in your heart.So you hang out on Skype, or write thousands of postcards, or as it is with this girl, just one letter written on a toilet paper in a year might do it.And it is the most wonderful, weird, and amazing thing." / here's her touching post with which she probably intended to make me cry. I love this girl <3

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