N&A {9.8.2014}

being asked to photograph a photographer's wedding is a little scary. as if capturing someone's special day didn't feel as a huge responsibility already, this just adds up to it. at same time I was honored to be the one they wanted their wedding to be captured by and it was so much fun. it was such a joy to be a part of this beautiful event! this wedding was so beautifully prepared, with so many little details, with so much joy, and love, and wonderful music. it was such a pleasure, not to meantion that I had an awesome second photographer (that I haven't even met prior to the wedding) to work with, and the couple was so sweet to just hang out with all day, and when I was leaving it felt weird that I hadn't known anyone there before, because everyone was so easy to connect with. I hope these pictures capture the beauty of that day well.


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