the Hasik family

today I'm about to share something really special with you. I'm sharing so much joy. I am just so moved and honored that I could capture this wonderful family and their simple yet such special moments. that I could capture something that I know is dear and special to them. and yes I say special a lot because it simply is.
I met Jane almost three years ago when she walked me through the process of becoming an exchange student. little did we know the day we met that her life would be turned upside down a couple weeks later. and little did we know that we would become dear friends along the way, that Jane would be such a blessing and encouragement in my life, and that her family would grow to be so dear to me. God has taught me so much through this family, through Martin and Jane. their honest journey through the valley has been such an inspiration to me. a reminder of how to keep our eyes on God even when we don't understand. to be honest with our struggles. to be real. to enjoy the little joys of life to the fullest. to appreciate the moments. to give everything up to the One who blessed us with it in the first place even when it's so hard... you can read about their journey here.
I treasure every time I get to see them, when I get to hear about their little joys, see the girls overflow with energy and laughter, see Martin play with them all the time, ask Jane for advice and talk about life, and stick around for hours because they don't ask me to leave and I love hanging out with them too much. I don't really have good words the explain how dear they are to me, the pictures will have to do! I just thank God for what a blessing it is to know these guys!

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  1. Kristy, the pictures are incredible! They are so honest and real and especially so joyful. When having a family I only can wish for having such lovely memories hanging upon the walls of my family's house as well :)
    You are so talented, I love to look at your photos - keep up doing what you do best! :)