the things we (used to) love.

some days I'm all about adventuring and I convince myself that life is not about scrolling through pictures of places and exploring them through the screen but it's about exploring it out there. it's not about having money to afford flying all over the world, but about finding beauty right behind your house. and on those days I try to convince people of the same so they come with me. last week was one of those weeks and we went to the place we used to visit so often when we were kids. we used to love coming here. and here I get hit by the "we used to". we still love it, of course. but we don't do it anymore. I used to love doing so many things when I was younger that I see as less and less important in the midst of busy life. but right there I realized their significance. it's those things I used to love, I used to do, that matter. it was then that I wasn't distracted by things that take too much space in my mind now. it's the things I was taught not to be important as I grew older that truly are of some importance. like reading, drawing, creating, talking, exploring, biking, writing, singing, guitar, fairytales, baking, flower-chains in our hair... let's not leave those things be the "used to".

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