J & K {3.10. 2015}

someone please teach me how to only make small collections of photographs for blogposts. it seems to be impossible when I get to capture as beautiful weddings as this one. 
I don't really have the right words to describe this day and hopefully the pictures will do a better job. but let me tell you, my heart is full when I can photograph something like this. a wedding of dear friends where the bride happens to be a designer so every little detail is perfect and it takes place in the beautiful north of czech with the hills all around, on the last warm and sunny day of fall. I'm also working on a video so it was a very busy day, but so worth it. I had a second photographer shoot with me for the ceremony (Hana Polanska Photography) which was a great experience and she was so helpful since I had to take videos!
I hope these little memories tell you a story of a wonderful day and a beautiful couple surrounded by their loved ones. it surely was a special event to be a part of!



  1. Nádherný, krásný a úchvatný, Kristy, opravdu!

    1. dekuji dekuji dekuji :) to mam radost, ze se libi!