Belgium {fall 2015}

just like a year ago I made a trip to Belgium this year, to see my favorite Drabek. because I simply didn't know what to give her for her birthday, and realized that the best option was a proper Danek visit. so after a day trip to Amsterdam I took a train to Liege where I tried to take care of a very sick Drabek. we watched Downton Abbey, listened to good music, drank tea, made schnitzel, occasionaly went outside when Drabek's school demanded it, drank tea again, watched movie trailers, talked, laughed, cried. then I got sick too, of course. and we did all of that over again.
I failed to make a blogpost last year (maybe I still will one day), so I'm proud to say that this time it only took me a month.
<3 I miss this gem of a girl already!


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  1. These are so beautiful. I love how you haven't glamourised the city, but have shown it as it truly is.