the cabin {summer 2015}

the special place that holds so many memories. of my dad helping to build this cabin when he was just a boy. of my parents and their honeymoon and first summers of marriage. of our childhood. of breakfasts by the lake. of bonfires each night. of mushroom hunting. of scary rain storms. of silly games. visiting my dad's side of family. of moments in our lives when everything stopped. yes, that's what coming here always feels like. as if the time stopped. and no matter what exciting things I do all summer, coming here is always the best part. I don't think anything can replace the feeling I get as we turn left from the main road, and drive through the woods and then turn again and drive between the trees and then the little cabin suddenly stands before us. and we enter another world, the world of quietness. coming here feels different now than it did when I was little. still special though, maybe even more so now than back then. this summer it was playing guitar on the front porch as it rained, telling Josh stories of what my summers looked like, laughing by the fire, going on walks, taking cold swims in the lake, watching the sky change within seconds, taking special pictures of my parents for their 30th anniversary.
my words are not enough in trying to describe this place. I'll let the pictures speak. perhaps they'll do a better job.

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