second home.

it's been almost three years since I left for an adventure that, as cliche as i sounds, changed my life.  that lead me into a place I'd call home. to people I'd call family. a year I spent an ocean away that grew me, shaped me, and healed me. that showed me that life is full of beautiful things that are worth experiencing and that deserve my full attention and gratitude. that taught me how to seek intimacy with the Maker of it all. that helped me appreciate the home I have in Czech in ways I never could before. and just like that, I could never be fully at home in one place again. for home is not just a place. home is made out of so much more. and I'm so blessed to discover that I have several homes on this earth. and I'm so excited to know that the real Home that will finally feel right is yet to come.
March was a long awaited month where I would finally go to California again. not as much a visit as coming back home. traveling from one home to another. a feeling that can hardly be explained or described. a little worried that it might not be what I kept in my memories. that it will never be the same. but getting out of the plane and feeling the warmth. being welcomed in loving arms. note at the door. waking up in my room. drinking coffee with Donna. hiking up Islay Hill with Josh. everything felt right. like I never left. a reassurement that all my memories were true. that this place and home is what my heart has been missing for so long.

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