the silent beauty. the beauty of silence.

it's usually in the quiet moments of this life that I find the Creator of it all. sometimes it's not the sunday sermon where you find God at. sometimes it's not in the most likely places. it's really up to us where we decide to seek Him. because He's in all the places. I've been learning to grasp that lately. looking for His fingerprints in my everyday life. in the least likely places. 
there still is one time and place where I certainly meet Him though. in the quiet. in the beauty of His creation. it doesn't ask for attention. He doesn't ask for attention. but it's the best thing I can give my attention to. up in the mountains, away from all the noise and busy life. in a complete silence as the world around you rests in its winter sleep. and as I capture the beauty, I capture the moments of closeness and gratitude. 

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