our imperfectly perfect fall hike.

it's been way too long since I last blogged, it's been way too long since I got up early on a saturday and went on a hike, or made new good friends, or took pictures for myself and actually edited them, or overflowed with love for where I live. but here I go, finally.
this sweet girl, whom I've known for a while now but never really had a chance to get to know better, came to visit me yesterday. me and Maru planned to go on a hike and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall, a day that was supossed to be filled with sunshine. but as the day went by we had every reason to be disappointed. the sun never even came and we walked through this thick fog all day, I got us lost the very first five minutes of the hike, it was freezing and we underestimated our outfits a little (I did for sure), I carried a blanket to have a picnic on which was impossible in the mud that we walked through the whole time. I could probably go on. but not even for a second did we let that ruin our day. we had the most perfect hike, appreciated the mysterious beauty around us, laughed and shared our joys as well as struggles as if we've been friends forever.

but I find it hard to write this blogpost now, because we got to talk about how social media, including blogs, only shows the "perfection" of everyone's lives, causing jealousy, impossible expectations, giving us the wrong impression. we all try to make it all look so pretty. ever since I started taking pictures or blogging a little it's always been about honesty for me. I've always tried not to make my life look perfect, but even in trying not to I've made it look like it. and I've had people come up to me and say that they wanted my life, and I didn't know how else to show them that my life is so much more than what they see on there, than what I show, than these pictures. there are so many days inbetween, there are so many dull moments, there's always something more to it. but I guess that even as I try to include the imperfections of everything in my posts, others will still see it differently. I guess the imperfections in lives of others can never seem as real as ours. because as you scroll through the pictures and read this post you'll see the good parts in the comfort of your warm home. you won't get your shoes dirty from the mud, your fingers won't be freezing, you won't be trying to find your way through the woods, and you won't wonder if the fog is going to fade a little. you also won't share your heart with someone and laugh with us, you won't see the deer I didn't manage to capture. and it's okay, because you should have your own imperfectly perfect moments in life. and I know you do. some of us just like to share them, capture them, write about them. but that doesn't make our lives any better from yours. and I need to realize that as much as you do when I scroll through other blogs that seem perfect to me as well. because there's a real life behind them too. 
so please, as you go through this post, enjoy it, but don't get the feeling I so often get of wishing to be that person, doing that exact thing, living that exact life. because that person has probably wished the same thing. and it's not worth it. go and live your life in your own imperfectly perfect way.

why walk on the road  when climbing up the forest is so much more fun. 

no, we didn't try to make our picnic look "pretty" before taking a picture. 

Maru takes artistic pictures 

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