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I find the unique story each of us has incredibly beautiful. it's honestly one my most favorite things to hear stories of other people, get to know them on a deeper level, and listen to what made them who they are. we're often scared of letting other people see who we are, we don't want to be vulnerable, or seem self-centered and talk about ourselves. but I think there's beauty in it. I think it's important. we learn from each other, and the experience of someone sharing their story is enriching for the listener as well as the teller. I decided to start a small project where I want to capture stories - I want to photograph people, listen to their story, and write it down on this blog. I don't really know what questions to ask or what I expect to hear. and I do realize that people won't want share their deepest secrets on a blog and I don't even expect that. but it's even the little things that make us who we are. it can be anything. when I take pictures I don't want to just "take a picture", I actually want to capture the person infront of my camera with both their beauty and flaws and care about who thy are.
I don't really know if this all makes sense, I don't really know how this will work in reality, and I'm afraid that there won't be many people interested in doing this, but I want to try.
so I jumped right in with one beautiful soul that wasn't afraid to do this and thought it was a great idea and I will share first story/post soon.
and if there is anyone interested in being the next story I capture - feel free to contact me.

each story is so important, in God's writing of the Big Story.

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