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for the past six months I did this personal project of not buying a single piece of clothing - you can read more about that here. (I recommend reading it if you want to know the whole story.)
and since I'm at the end of the project I thought I should probably write a post about it - not really knowing what the conclusion should be.
time flew by and I can buy clothes on my own again, starting the first week of March.
but no, I did not go on a shopping spree right away though I did buy one piece of clothing last week to make myself happy. did it satisfy? not really. the truth is it doesn't even make me happy anymore, because I realize more than ever that I don't need it at all. I have more than enough. I don't need to add to my wardrobe - stuff that I will most possibly stop liking so much in a couple weeks when it starts feeling old. I find myself not caring about my style as much as I used to, don't get me wrong, I still enjoy thinking my outfit through sometimes, but I don't find it as important as before. what I find important is the overwhelming excess of material things that seems normal. the overwhelming excess that I often call "not enough" asking for more. and so ending this project I just happened to stumble upon those videos based on a book "More or Less" by Jeff Shinabarger. it just so happened that the week I found out about it the book was available on iBooks for free so I got it and started reading it. well, I don't think there's turning back for me now. I got to a point of realizing my excess compared to the needs of others - and I'm on my way to understanding what I can do with the excess I have to help others and what it means in my actions and lifestyle, not just thoughts and ideas. we live in a society that teaches us to strive for more for ourselves - how awesome would it be to turn this passion of wanting more for ourselves into a passion of giving more to others? we've already been given so much, we have more than we realize that can be shared. and just like the loaves of bread and two fish were multiplied when shared, maybe that's what happens when we share what we've been given. gaining more than what we had in the first place.
you see, I know you've probably heard and read more than enough about this topic already. and this simple blog post won't change anything because there are way better articles or books you can read about this. but it will be of no use unless you try giving something up yourself. and I wish for you to try it and let it change you! I wish for me to not end with this but be it a start of transformation to a different lifestyle that's more centered around others than myself.
it started with wanting to let go of things I held onto on a personal level. now it's growing into something that will not only affect my personal life anymore, but into something that will also consider needs of others.
so here are my thoughts to the end of another project, that will hopefully grow into something bigger, something that I won't let die under the weight of "busy life".

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