slow down fast fashion.

last year we hosted the first charitable thrift store with my sister and couple of friends that joined in to help and make it possible. all the wonderful people that came and supported the event were so excited about it that they kept asking us to do it again. so a year later we found ourselves in the swing of things - piles of clothes from our closets and other people, crafting supplies, baking, and somehow we made it happen. 

the idea that stirred it was giving the clothes that just lies in our closet chance to be someone's new favorite thing to wear, and to use the money towards something meaningful. we also wanted to raise awarness of how our clothes is made, that the hands that make the t-shirt you're wearing are a real human being. a human being that works for the lowest wage and can even die while making it possible for us to buy cheap clothes due to the need to cut the production costs. this year we went even deeper. we shared more about fast fashion. 

fast fashion.

two years ago I didn't even know it existed. two years ago I didn't even realize I was a part of it, buying into its lies. but two years ago I got annoyed with my full closet but nothing to wear. I got annoyed with owning so much stuff yet not feeling satisfied with them. never enough. and I stumbled upon resources that told me that I was not alone in my situation, and that there were people looking more into this issue, and that things can be different. that in fact, with all the injustice and pain this world constantly shows us, big issues we can do nothing about, this is one of the few things I can try to affect and change. not be a part of it.

very simply put, fast fashion is an industry that tries to sell as much clothes as possible in a short period of time, as cheap as possible. we have new clothes coming into stores each week. constantly promoting new things we "need". new trends we feel we need to follow. and in order for us to be able to afford it, it needs to be cheap. in order for it to be cheap, its production costs need to be cut over and over again. in every step of the production there is a demand to cut costs - production  moves to third world countries, paying minimum wages to the workers, breaking safety rules, ignoring consequences in the enviroment etc. all that to make us feel rich when in reality it makes all of us poorer. we feel rich when we are able to afford new clothes every week and throw it away without thinking twice about it. leaving us poorer, because it's just an ilussion of our society of consumption.
but if you want to know more about it I suggest you watch the movie we projected: "The True Cost".

I know our little thrift store doesn't change the world. but it raises awarness. this year we made even more money than the year before to give to different causes. 
it's an event that brings people together to help the best they can. it shows that we care and are willing to do our little part of making this world a tiny bit better. 

so here's why I even bother to write this blospost.
you can do things to make a difference ! yes, you do. I lack that faith most of my days too. and I wouldn't be able to do it alone. (thank you !! all the wonderful people that help in big ways). but looking at what we do at this tiny event and seeing all the people that get excited to come and support it gives me hope. hope in people who aren't indifferent to things that happen around them. 
is there a cause that interests you? that pulls the strings of your heart? try to think of what you can do to bring attention to it in a creative way that others might even find enjoyable. you might be suprised how many people will want to be a part of it. don't wait, don't make excuses, ask others to join you. you have no idea what might come out of it. and every little thing that makes this world a better place matters so much. 

but at the same time, don't be afraid of the messy part of things too. there's a lot more that goes into the process than the pictures show. and stand away from only choosing to do things that look cool. it's one thing to try to make things be cool so that people get interested and applaud for you. but don't avoid the uncool, the unseen ,and sometimes unappreciated. those actions might be even more important to make this world a better place.

and as usual, I am writing this as a reminder to myself, as well. 

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