naive dreams turning into a beautiful life.

it took me a long time to finally blog these, but I'm finally getting to it. this is Veronika. she is beautiful inside&out. she is very dear to my heart and even though life takes us in different directions and we don't always manage to stay in touch, I still think she is one of my closest friends. we are always able to connect as if no time has passed between seeing each other. these pictures are from a few special days this summer when she visited us. before we both got busy. and before she got married! phew, I remember the fifteen year old girls we were, talking about boys and wondering what our future husbands would be like. I remember our naive dreams. so much has changed and the naive dreams are suddenly becoming a beautiful messy reality. now she's married and I think back and look at how much we've both grown during our friendship. how much work God has done in our hearts, and continues to do so. I feel as if this visit was an end of one chapter, but it doesn't sadden me. I am excited for all the chapters ahead of us. 
by the way, she used to hate being infront of a camera at the beginning of our frienship. I'm happy to say that I changed that completely ;) and she proved to be really good behind the camera as well.

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