this could easily be another story post, if I asked my dear sister a couple questions. but I decided to write a short story post of how I see her not just through my lens instead. something about us. this absolutely breathtaking and warm sunny saturday morning in our backyard was more than I could ask for. the fall in all its beauty. I really hoped to get my sister infront of the camera. as soon as I found out she was coming I was preparing myself for the hours of trying to convince her to let me photograph her, because she rarely ever lets me. but as I laid down on our couch that morning, uninterested to do anything at all, she comes down asking me to go out and take pictures with her. I honestly thought I heard that wrong. but I didn't. and I got to spend the morning doing my favorite thing, photographing this gorgeous girl. and it's funny that I say a girl, because she's a woman now, and even I will soon leave my teenage years behind, but she's my sister, and I still haven't gotten used to the fact that we've outgrown our home and we don't share a room anymore, and she doesn't even have the same last name anymore. I'm still not used to that. 

I don't really know where the time went, but as our journeys separate and our lives change in the course of years that pass unnoticably, I find myself appreciating both of my sisters even more. because as I go through life meeting many important people that touch my soul in one way or another, it's my sisters that stay. each person had their part, but my sisters have their part still even if months go by when we barely talk. my sisters aren't protected from my flaws and ugliness but stay there for me just the same. and their flaws aren't hidden from me either, but I love them all the more through it. because when you know the worst parts of someone, you also know the best, and those mean so much more. 

this isn't where I was going with this post at all. and as I write about one of my sisters, I noticed it to be impossible to not talk about both of them. I wanted to write about Janka. about how incredibly beautiful she is on the outside, but how that's just a reflection of her heart. but also how she gets upset and frustrated really easily, and how she's always in a hurry and always late. and she's always in a hurry because she doesn't know how to tell people no. she loves doing everything she can to make this world a slightly better place, and so she needs to be wherever something like that takes place. how she tops us all with her perfect studying skills. or how she starts tearing up as she talks about injustice and how her eyes light up and her voice trembles a bit as she passionately talks about possibilities of making a difference. how she gets excited about small things. how she procrastinates a lot, but she does that by reading articles about non-profit organizations and other stuff like that. how she tells me not to overthink everything so much but listens to me anyways without getting annoyed and gives me advice... and how she married a pretty cool guy who makes the perfect brother!

I could keep going.. and I don't care how cliche or sappy my posts are, because it's okay to appreciate people this way, it's okay to show the beauty of life and enjoy it in the midst of mess.

I am thankful for my sister, that's all I wanted to share.

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