first of all, i love Prague. there is just something really special about taking a train there, even if it's just for one evening. i love the train ride by myself, having time to read a book, listen to music and watch the beautiful scenery out of the window, people-watch, think, believe it or not i often write letters. and i finally see the first glimpses of this city, and the castle is one of them. i get to the main train station and start my way downtown. i love being on my own and yet not feel alone at all. being in the crowd of mostly tourists, watching the city light up, walk the streets and kill time. just like last wednesday. there is just something about it.

the reason i went to Prague was to listen to a story. a story of a girl i always heard about from one of my dearest friends. and plus, all of my great friends were coming to this meeting as well. it was such a special time of fellowship between people that are connected throught Christ even if they haven't met before. 
i love stories, i love when people are honest and not afraid of showing their wounds. aren't we all broken? some are just better at hiding it. it was a good reminder of how our stories are unique. each of us was created and shaped differently, but precisely by His hand. it was just what i needed to remember, that He is right by my side no matter what's happening or how much pain and chaos takes over my life. He is right there. and it's me who chooses whom to listen to. if it's the devil's lies or Christ's sweet Truth. it was an encouragement to truly rejoice in the struggles and be thankful for whatever life brings, and whatever story we have. because if we let God, He will be glorified throught our story, and He will use it to bless others.

Thanks to Babu, for being such an encouragement and blessing, for loving God deeply, forgiving genuinely, and for being a brave daughter of Christ that reminded us what truly matters in life, no matter what the world and society tell us over and over again. 

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